Classic and Bold!


From neighborhood homes to the finest estates, Cleft Painting makes your house look new again, adds your personal touch through colors selected especially for you, and protects your investment for years to come.








Interior finishes
are all about
design and details

The standard we have set at Cleft Painting Company for interior finishes is unmatched. Interactions with our clients and their families, their belongings and their personal spaces demand great craftsmanship and character.  The process begins with our emphasis on quality design and products to establish a plan that is executed to the highest level.

  • Our crews recognize that their workplace is your home and respect you and your property by maintaining a controlled, tidy, and smoke-free environment.
  • We properly prepare all substrates (millwork, walls, and ceilings) so all finishes are consistent and ready to accept lasting finishes.
  • Cleft Painting is totally committed to details! Examine the cut line at the ceiling or millwork (base, casings, crown molding) and you will see how precisely the finish has been applied.

While we generally prefer to establish a complete design concept and quality level that extends throughout a home, we will occasionally execute finishes as a one-off room (kid’s room, game room, etc.).

Known for our beautiful interior finishing and restoration we can provide a wide range of services as well.