Cleft will keep your project looking like it was just finished by implementing a maintenance program that is both strategic and cost effective.


Exterior scheduled maintenance:

Regularly scheduled maintenance, whether on a semi-annual or annual basis, is always the best way to prevent expensive repairs in the future. We we will inspect your home from top to bottom and make any repairs or touch ups needed to keep that “just painted” look.



Interior paint repair and touch-up:

Whether your walls have been nicked by moving or are simply needing a fresh coat, once the interior finishes are looking great, we will maintain them at a high level.




.Pressure washing:

Moss on the roof, mildew on the siding, dirt on the deck? We’ll take care of it for you!

Because we know what kinds of chemicals to use – if they’re needed – and the proper water pressure, we prevent damage to your roof, siding, or decks.


At Your Service

Interior and Exterior Finishes: Acrylic, Latex, and Alkyd/Oil-based Paints; Oil and Water-based Stains; Hybrid Enamels

Wood Finishing: Wood Stripping, Bleaching, Refurbishing, Staining, Toning, Glazing, and Finishing

Clear Coats: Solvent-based and Water-based Acrylics, Lacquers, Conversion Varnish, Polyurethanes, and Shellac Sealer

Faux Finishes: Textured Plaster; Marbleizing: Stone, Slate, Granite; Venetian Plaster; Custom Multi-color Glazes

Pressure Washing: Roofs, Siding, Decks

Smoke and Water Damage Repair

Drywall and Sheetrock Repair: Installation, Patching, Taping, Finishing and Texturing