What we are about

Cleft Painting provides a high end result for any home or project. Our values support the level of work you can expect when you come to us for your painting needs.

Values and Mission

At Cleft Painting, our passion is to enhance and transform your personal or professional spaces with gorgeous interior or exterior finishes. Much more than a “new paint job,” the Cleft experience combines meticulous preparation, restoration, expert color selection, designer finishes, and the highest standard of application – leaving you with a space that dazzles.

We believe that a strong and trustworthy partnership with our customers is essential. Honesty, efficiency, quality, and integrity are the foundation of a solid relationship and we strive to demonstrate these principles throughout the entire process – from the initial consultation through the finished product.

Because your home is our workspace, we carefully control the work environment to respect you and your property. We insist on tidy, non-smoking staff that leave a completed project with no trace that we were ever there.

Cleft Painting can add elegance to a room or dramatically change the way your entire home feels. We’ve been doing it for years for hundreds of delighted customers, we look forward to working with you!