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 Mercer Island Exterior

Set in a wonderful pacific northwest landscape, this exterior project is characterized by clean lines and carefully chosen colors, for a beautifully finished exterior.

Depth and Architectural Highlights

Cleft Painting takes a comprehensive approach to each project. The unique design features of each house are considered when establishing a detailed color concept.

A sophisticated five color concept highlights the architectural features on this lakeside home. Black accents on the fireplace flues, railings, shutters, and  front door were applied with a DTM (direct to metal) product leaving behind a smooth, durable finish. Two body colors were used, one for the siding and one on the shingles, emphasizing the architects decision to integrate different materials.  Dark bronze on the front trellis adds texture while the back deck columns anchor the house. White trim applied to the fascia, belly band,  and window casing and underneath the back deck, provides contrast, and lightens the house.

Cleft Color Design- all viewpoints are taken into account. Now from any perspective, five colors are visible, adding depth and accentuating  the architectural features.

A striking before and after contrast demonstrates the importance of color placement




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