For the architect:

As a “best in class” architect, you want to source and work with the best craftsman to bring your vision to life. Our mission is to provide the finest quality interior, exterior, and specialty finishes and the best service experience possible. We have developed a culture based on this mission and have a long-standing reputation for quality.

Cleft Painting will collaborate with you to develop product specifications, project scope, budgets, application methods, and sophisticated color design. Let us apply our experience to your creative plans.

For the interior designer:

Cleft Painting was established and built to perform for the most discriminating clients. We appreciate the talent and vision required to design and execute projects at a high level.  We place tremendous value on our designer relationships and the design process.  Cleft Painting will facilitate the design process with product specification, color design, and the creation of professional samples for your approval.  We look forward to working with you to produce beautiful finishes.

For the general contractor:

When your reputation is on the line, you can count on Cleft Painting Company for dependable, professional, quality craftsmanship that supports your high standards.  We respect your key role in delivering projects on time and on budget and will work with you to establish the time and cost of your proposed work scope.  We are certain that our experience will add tremendous value to you and welcome the opportunity to establish ourselves as your primary resource for quality interior and exterior finishes.  We look forward to working with you.

For the realtor:

The ability to create and maintain successful client relationships is one key aspect shared by exceptional real estate agents.  Real estate transactions involve significant monetary investments and often have deep emotional meaning to both buyer and seller.  These circumstances require communication to be honest and trustworthy.   Cleft Painting Company values your client relationships and will work as part of your team- an extension of your expertise and client support.  Besides ongoing maintenance, there are two key moments when Cleft Painting Company can add significant value to your process.

Preparation for sale- We will work with you to maximize property value as we execute fresh colors, clean lines and high quality finishes that change the way a home presents itself to perspective buyers.  On average Cleft Painting can deliver 1.5-2 times that cost of our services back to your listing, a good investment.

After purchase- The best opportunity for new buyers to address the interior finishes is just after sale, prior to moving into their new space.  Cleft will work with your client to upgrade and personalize the interior finishes extending your relationship and influence in their new house.

We work with you to bring YOUR clients' dreams to reality. On time AND on budget!