Who We Are

Bryce Barnes founded Cleft Painting Company in 1996, while he was a student in college. With an eye for detail, an insatiable drive for excellence, and a lot of hard work, Bryce gained a reputation for quality and fairness, and quickly grew the business.

Since then, Cleft Painting Company has become one of the premier painting and fine finishing companies in the Pacific Northwest, recognized by designers and discriminating homeowners for excellence and quality service.

While our team has grown along with our capacity to work through every detail of large demanding projects, our commitment to quality and fairness has never changed. From a complete exterior restoration or designer driven custom interior to a corporate entry way or child’s bedroom, every project receives the same careful attention.

We work closely with architects, contractors, interior designers, and homeowners to understand the project vision and bring that vision to reality.

Be A Steward

We have long believed that we do not possess our built environment, we are stewards of the fine spaces in which we live and work.

Our emphasis on stewardship was firmly established while working to restore one of Seattle’s most stately Tudor mansions. The standard set by the owner for the house and grounds was that every detail should be executed at the highest level and then impeccably and religiously maintained.

The owners were sitting on the veranda when the gardeners turned on the water to spot treat an area in the grass. The increasing rate for city water had clearly upset the husband who started to count, “one dollar, two dollars, three dollars…” as the water poured out of the sprinklers. His wife quickly retorted, “Honey, if you want to move into a condo, that’s fine with me, but as long as we have this house we are going to take care of it.”

This may seem like an easy philosophy to uphold when you live in a stately mansion, however for many years these same people had lived in a most beautifully maintained modest one story white-washed brick home.

Whether you live in a small, modest home or a stately Tudor mansion, Cleft Painting Company is a great resource to help you to be the best steward of your space and apply the highest standards to the place you live.

Customer Service

Every project receives our personal attention to ensure that you have a finished project you will enjoy for years to come.

We have great pride in our on-site teams. We hire people with exceptional character, work ethic, and talent. Our crews recognize that their workplace is your home and respect you and your property by maintaining a controlled, tidy, and smoke-free environment.

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